19 Wakenshaw Road


Posted on 07 Sep, 2012 07:08

Thanks for two years in our awesome house.  I loved everything in it.  Thanks for the leather sofas and the huge TV.  The weekly rental was a steal for a house so close to lectures.  We had great barbecues in the garden and the kitchen was perfect.  I loved my bedroom and personalised it with my stuff.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

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Posted on 03 Sep, 2012 13:02

We still can't believe that you can get such a fantastic house for such a good rent.  Our house has a great big TV and a shower room and separate bathroom.  The rent is a really good price and we're only 10 minutes away from houses that have rents for £40 per week more expensive that ours!  It's crazy.  We love this part of the City, and there's loads of students on our road.  It's quiet and we've lived here for 2 years; we didn't bother going back into college, as it was much cheaper to live out in such a great house.  Thank you again!

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