32 Elvet Crecent


Posted on 06 Sep, 2012 12:48

Any house that looks directly at the Cathedral, has to be fantastic. We fell in love with the location and the garden which is huge, and we didn't need to do any work to it, it was all taken care of. The bedrooms are bright and you can be anywhere in Durham in next to no time. We loved the landlords as they were kind to us. It's not easy living out for the first time, but this was the best way for us. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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Posted on 03 Sep, 2012 12:46

Thanks for the best 10 months in Durham.  I didn't like living in college but living out was the best decision I made.  We loved 35 Elvet Crescent and that we could nip home in between lectures...  I loved the house and the area as the crescent was really quiet.  It was my 2nd home.  Thanks for letting us live in the house.

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